Gabi leads thought leadership strategies for a private crisis communications firm in Washington, DC.

She is the former Communications Specialist at The Washington Post. Gabi drove strategic messaging designed to elevate The Post’s people, products, and culture. Gabi managed all internal communications products and platforms. While serving as Product Manager for The Post's intranet software, Gabi led a team of Engineers and Product Designers responsible for building an intranet that provides an intuitive user experience for all Post employees. She wrote internal-facing messaging, strategies, and communications designed to engage and support The Post's geographically dispersed workforce. Gabi produced, edited, and published content for The Post's company-wide newsletter. 


Gabi was the Executive Producer of NPR's Intern Edition, leading a team of 60 interns in DC, Chicago, and NPR West. 

She previously served as the Director of Communications & Content Strategy at an issue advocacy and public affairs firm in Washington, D.C. She orchestrated creative content for print, TV, radio, social, and digital advertising campaigns for international and U.S.-based clients. 


In addition to counting Fortune 500 companies among her previous clients, she proudly produced work for coalitions and organizations advocating for jobs, fair taxes, and working families. As Director of Communications & Content Strategy, Gabi produced strategic messaging for numerous advocacy campaigns, including net neutrality, War Powers Resolution, soda taxes, alcohol laws, the Farm Bill, and many more. 


Gabi has dedicated her life to philanthropy. She volunteers as a storybook reader at children's hospitals. Gabi volunteered at Miriam's Kitchen, serving meals to the homeless in Washington, D.C. She also volunteered as an instructor for Junior Achievement, teaching entrepreneurship to 4th graders in underprivileged communities in Washington, D.C. She founded a writing therapy workshop currently designed for rape crisis centers, women's shelters, rehabilitation centers, and mental health facilities in the Washington, D.C. area. Gabi organized Refugee Welcome-Kit making events throughout the nation's capital to help victims of genocide in Syria, Turkey, Somalia, South Sudan, and Afghanistan. The program allows attendees to donate goods and write welcome letters to refugees entering the United States.


Gabi is a recovered workaholic. Her workaholicism is tempered by her wanderlust and penchant for the peculiar. In her spare time, she travels, practices archery, paints her nightmares, and collects hot sauce from every country she visits. Gabi eats an irresponsible amount of guacamole and suffers from a predisposition to smiling. She is not very funny.







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